My Trans Journey

I'm Cory. Grayaro, grayace, autistic, queer, trans masculine, genderfluid demiboy. I am white and can be male passing. I appreciate feedback, criticisms, call outs, etc. I do not welcome truscum. I'm an atheist, but I do not welcome atheists who are anti-religion.

Preferred pronouns: they/them/their

This blog started out being about my personal journey in transitioning my gender, but now it's really just my general personal blog. Though it tends to be all about the social justice. But also, Pokemon.

DISCLAIMER ONE: THIS TUMBLR IS FULL OF TRIGGERS. I talk about suicide, discrimination, and probably all kinds of things will come up. I try to provide trigger warnings, though most of my older posts (over a year old at least) aren't tagged appropriately. Please let me know if you need me to tag for something.

DISCLAIMER TWO: My experiences, feelings and opinions do not speak for all trans people.

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HEY LP FANS: Tired of watching the same straight white guys play games?




SPECTRUM (plays) is a group of female, trans, and other non-binary identifying people who like video games! Different genders, sexualities, ages, and so on coming together to play games- and maybe raise a little awareness along the way. Our goal is simply to create a safe and fun space for people like us, and to help raise awareness to underrepresented demographics.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN SUPPORTING US, you can follow us on tumblr, twitter, facebook, and subscribe to get our videos on youtube. We launch TODAY (Sept. 1st) and will continue posting regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

(also check out our sibling site SPIDER SQUID PRODUCTIONS, where a bunch of cool people make cool content like podcasts, comics, audio novels, and all sorts of other neat things!)

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come watch me be terrified of five nights at freddy’s

I have never been interested in LPs, but maybe this will turn me around.

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It has been decided that Halloween season officially begins on September 1 and lasts until 11:59 p.m., October 31. There is far too much to see, do, taste, touch, listen to, scare, hide and/or run from to contain within the 31 available days in October.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Evil Supply Company official press release
August 30, 2012 at 12:56 PM Central, USA (via evilsupplyco)

2nd annual re-issue: August 31, 2013 at 10:51 AM Central, USA

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3rd annual re-issue: August 31, 2014 at 11:15 AM Central, USA

I am pleased to finally have found a company that understands and supports my perspective.

We got some halloween themed kitchen towels today.

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Disclosing trans status at work


Hey guys I have 2 job interviews coming up this week and I have no idea how and when to mention my trans status..?? Basically my name and gender are legally changed but I’m still awaiting to get my SSN card and birth certificate in the mail so I have no physical proof other than my court papers. Anyone have any tips on handling this situation??

I haven’t had to do this myself, but I have worked in hiring.  The process isn’t the same in every state, though.  So the following is based on what I know from Washington state.

If you’re fine with being out to your potential employers, then disclose your old name on the application.  That is, if they ask for it.  If they do background checks (not all employers do), then they will ask for that information on your application.  

That’s really all you need to do.  No one should ask you why your name changed (except potentially in high security jobs, or certain financial institutions).  That doesn’t mean they won’t ask you, because whoever does your interview may be nosy for their own sake.  In which case, you can just tell them that you’re transgender at that point!

If It’s important to you to be out to your employers and coworkers, then probably the best time to bring it up is after they’ve offered you to job, because there’s no reason to do so sooner.  After that, you will want to determine whether you want to talk to the supervisor you’ll be reporting to or HR first.  

When I came out as trans at my last job, I went up to this guy in HR and said, “Sooo, does the company have any policies protecting transgender employees?” and the conversation just happened from there.

Though, if you want to feel out whether your potential employers are trans friendly first, then at the end of the interview, they should ask you if you have any questions.  At that point, you can tell them you’re trans and ask if they have policies in place to protect trans employees from discrimination (even in places where local law protects trans employees, companies should reiterate that in their own policies).

If you don’t want to be out, then hopefully you’ll get your new SSN card before you are officially hired.  Most employers won’t ask you for it until your first day of work.  They should never ask for your birth certificate if you have an SSN.  You may still need to provide your old name on the application for background checks.  If you don’t provide that info, and they discover it, generally they won’t hire you or can fire you if they discover it was left out later (again, if they don’t ask for the information for the purposes of a background check, then you’re not obligated to provide it).

Oh my god it is fucking impossible to find an area rug I like that isn’t a thousand fucking dollars.

The house I’m in has had the same carpets for, i dunno, a hundred years.  They’re awful.  The shit in my room like, sticks to my feet and pulls bits of skin off.  But there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be moving back to the Seattle area after the winter, so it’s not worth it to get new carpets.  

Seemed to me the logical thing to do would be to find an area rug to put in my room for now.  Something that feels nice on my poor feet.  

But apparently, it’s in fashion right now for area rugs to be ugly, with dull colors and gross patterns.  All I fucking want is a rug that is bright primary colors, or like a rainbow or something, or has neat birds all over it, and feels nice on my feet, and is not a million dollars.


Knowing we can transplant uteruses is great and all but let’s not lose perspective

Which trans women are going to get those surgeries?

  1. Those with huge shittons of money
  2. Those who are hit less hard by gatekeeping and medical abuse (i.e. white, abled, not mentally ill, esp not with things like borderline, bipolar or other disorders with a psychosis element, thin, younger, etc)
  3. Those in states and areas that even allow it.

Technology doesn’t really excite me anymore because only a tiny minority of the most socially powerful gets to use it and everyone else gets a trickle down of overstock, refurbished, crap

Many trans women can’t even get fucking hormones yet because of this bullshit, come on. Perspective, please.

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kipplekipple replied to your photo “I got a new tank top.”

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Haha, I think it just shows that you liked it once in the end!  Thank you!

I got it from here:

There’s so many kinds of grasshoppers out here.

I am loving Bravest Warriors so much.
There’s been so many times here I’ve complained about cartoons and comics I like having non-consensual kisses.  And every time I say it would work really well to just have the person ask if they can kiss, or say they want to kiss someone.
And then finally, a comic I’m into does just that.

I am loving Bravest Warriors so much.

There’s been so many times here I’ve complained about cartoons and comics I like having non-consensual kisses.  And every time I say it would work really well to just have the person ask if they can kiss, or say they want to kiss someone.

And then finally, a comic I’m into does just that.